VCAP5-DCA beta facts

This information has been pulled out of e-mails directly from the certification team as well as the VCAP5-DCA blueprint.

  • The exam is approximately 26 live lab exercises.
  • The exam is scored out of the standard 500 points, 300 is passing.
  • Partial credit is awarded.
  • Time limit of 210 minutes.
  • The beta went live on May 8th and will last until June 8th.
  • “After each exam is given, the exam is automatically scored and then the kit is ‘re-set’ for the next exam.” This is interesting in that the VCAP4-DCA was allegedly manually scored. I don’t know if this was rumor or truth, but I heard it from multiple instructors. The beta is definitely scored by script. Multiple e-mails from the beta team incdicated a significant delay in the release of the beta due to problems with the scoring script.
  • As extra incentive to encourage people to take on the beast, the beta is offered free of charge.
  • There are 2 recommended courses for preparation for the VCAP5-DCA. The VMware vSphere: Fast Track course is currently available. The vSphere: Optimize & Scale [v5] class will not be ready until Summer 2012.
  • Not surprisingly, the exam blueprint is just as comprehensive as the VCAP4. Fortunately, this time you only have ESXi to worry about.

I’m not going to have enough time to prepare, but I’m going to take a crack at it anyway.

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