This is a blog series on the VMware Event Broker Appliance. The VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) enables customers to easily create event-driven automation based on vCenter Server Events. The original set of posts from 2020 use the now-deprecated OpenFaaS event processor. The 2021 set of posts show you how to use the new Knative event processor.

This series is written from the perspective of a system administrator. In the course of developing this series, I have picked up many new skills. I even managed to do my first (and many more since) Open Source contributions – committing changes to the VEBA repository!

Knative Event Processor (2022-2021)

Part I – Deployment (Knative)

Part II – Sample Code Prereqs (Knative)

Part III – Deploying the Echo Function (Knative)

Part IV – Deploying the Slack Function (Knative) Blog Post | Video

Part V – Working with Multiple Kubernetes Clusters (Knative)

Part VI – Introduction to the Sockeye Service

Part VII – Public Certificates with Let’s Encrypt

Part VIII – Building a new PowerCLI Function – Preparation

Part IX – Building a new PowerCLI Function – Writing Code

Part X – Building a new PowerCLI Function – Function Deployment

OpenFaaS event processor (2020)

Note: The OpenFaaS and AWS EventBridge event processors are deprecated in the 0.7 VEBA release. You should start using the Knative event processor. However, a number of the posts below still apply.

Part I – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Deployment (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)

Part Ia – AWS EventBridge Deployment

Part II – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Sample Code Prereqs (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)

Part III – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Tags and Clones (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)

Part IV – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Deploying the First Sample Function

Part V – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Contributing to the VEBA Project

Part VI – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Syncing Your Fork

Part VII – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Deploy the Sample Host Maintenance Function (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)

Part VIII – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Basic Troubleshooting Techniques (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)

Part IX – Deploying the Datastore Sample Email Script in VMC (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)

Part X – Building the Appliance OVA from source code

Part XI – Changing options in the OVA installer

Part XII – Advanced Function Troubleshooting (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)

Part XIII – Deploying Go Functions (OpenFaaS)(deprecated)