VMware Event Broker Appliance – Part VI – Syncing Your Fork

In Part V of this series, we looked at how to contribute to the VEBA project. In this short post, we will show how to sync your fork back to the upstream repository – the project that you originally forked from.

If you work with an open source fork for any length of time, you will inevitably come to a situation where your fork is out of sync with the upstream repo. Other people have contributed to the upstream repo, and your code is now out of sync. You could issue a pull request to pull the upstream into your fork, but then you are still out of sync – your fork will be 1 commit ahead of the upstream.

The following post shows how I used Github’s Syncing a Fork post to sync my repo with the upstream VEBA project.

First, my fork in Github shows that it’s 5 commits behind the upstream repository vmware-samples:master. NOTE: At the time this post was written, the main branch was called master. We now use development as the main branch. Just use the word development instead of master.

In order to fix this, I need the upstream’s clone URL

We add the URL as an upstream branch

Fetch the upstream code and then check out our local master branch

Merge the upstream changes into my local branch

We then push the local copy into the Github repo

Our fork is now even with the upstream repo.

In Part VII, we will look at deploying additional VEBA sample functions.


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