My EMC E10-001 exam experience

I passed the EMC E10-001 exam on Thursday, giving me the EMCISA certification. My primary study material was the insanely long-titled Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information in Classic, Virtualized, and Cloud Environments. I went with the Kindle edition to save money as well as the ability to read the book anywhere – phone, laptop, or Kindle.

Everything you need to know for exam success is in this book. I found the first few chapters to be basic IT skills review, but it soon moved into material that I was hazy on – FCoE, object-based storage, and array-based replication technology. It’s a fairly lengthy read at over 500 pages, but I went through the book once, did my Kindle highlighting, then headed over to the practice test.

The practice test lets you know what you got wrong, but not the correct answer. I went back and studied up on the ones that I got wrong. When I got a 90% on the practice test, I booked the exam. Since I’d never taken an EMC exam, I wasn’t sure whether I’d get Microsoft-style pure memorization questions, or Cisco-style conceptual questions. I was pleased to find the EMC questions were more like a Cisco exam. I found the questions to be straightforward, no material beyond what is covered in the book and no trick questions.

With the EMCISA certification knocked out, the path is now clear to pursue a Specialist-level EMC certification.




  1. Lee

    Hey do you remember what the pass mark was when you sat the exam? I am also accessing the practice test you referred to however the pass mark on the practice is 60% and I imagine the real thing is no where near that low

  2. Picledo

    Hi Patrick!

    Did you pass the rest of examsn to accomplish Specialist EMC Certification? If your answer is yes, could you say to me what materials, webs and books did you use?

    Thank you!

    1. pkremer

      Hi – unfortunately I was not able to continue on that track. I’ve left the consulting world since then, so I won’t be going after any more EMC certifications any time soon.

    1. pkremer

      Hello – I used to try finding practice exams, but I don’t do that anymore. I study as much as I can, and then just go sit the exam. I end up passing most of the time. If I fail, I’ve just taken the best practice exam available – the actual exam.

  3. Siva Manikanta Kumar

    Hello sir,
    I’m Siva doing final. I want to go through EMC2 world, now i would like to write EMCISA exam. I’m not getting any suggestions or advice from others, can you please tell me how to crack the exam and how do I plan for this exam preparation.

    Thank you sir.

    1. pkremer

      All you need is the book I referenced in the post above. Read the book, take the practice test, and sit the exam. The book has everything you need to pass.

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