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Samsung S4 turns on when fully charged

This has been slowly driving me insane since I got my S4. I charge my phone overnight on my nightstand. When it is fully charged, the screen turns on and stays on, bathing the room with enough light to summon Batman. I finally found a solution buried in an Android forum.

First, find the Developer options in your settings.Developer options



If you do not have Developer options, tap on “About Phone”.

About phone

To enable developer mode, tap on the Build number 7 times. Seriously, you have to tap on it 7 times. You’ll get a message that tells you that you are now a developer.

Now go into the Developer options screen and uncheck “Stay awake”.  With this setting unchecked, the phone won’t wake up and neither will you.




vSphere Datastore Last Updated timestamp

We encountered issues that mysteriously appeared after a patching window on our vCenter server. We had just upgraded to vCenter 4.1 earlier in the month and this was the first time the server had been rebooted since the upgrade.

After reboot, the Last Updated timestamp on all datastores was stuck at the time the vCenter service came online. None of our disk space alarms worked because the datastore statistics were not being updated.

We noticed that the problem only appeared on the 4.0 U2 hosts – datastores connected to 4.1 clusters had no problem.

VMware support acknowledged the timestamp update issue as a problem in 4.0 U2 that was partially addressed in 4.1 and fully addressed in the soon-to-be-released 4.1 U1