Zoning a SAN – The Danger Zone

Updated May 3, 2014

My autographed copy has arrived!


Updated January 6, 2014

Per @StevePantol‘s comment below, I won a free signed copy of his and @ChrisWahl‘s Networking for VMware Administrators, due out at the end of March!

Original Post: January 1, 2014
On New Year’s Eve, @ChrisWahl tweeted:

ChrisWahl - Dange rZone


@StevePantol responded with:

Steve Pantol Lyrics

Challenge accepted. I officially submit my SAN-themed Danger Zone parody lyrics. To refresh your memory, here is a link to the actual lyrics.

Setting up the switches
Nexus or an MDS
Cables are all ready
One task left before you go

Building fibre channel zones
Adding hosts into the zones

Typin’ world wide names
Lost up in a sea of hex
Thanks for FCNS
Without it you’d be truly vexed

Building fibre channel zones
You will start
Adding hosts into the zones

You’ll never get the port online
Until you bind it to the vfc
You’ll have to keep up with the fight
Until the VSAN membership is right

Hoping to see flogi
Praying to be done and free
The longer that it takes
The greater the insanity

Building fibre channel zones
You finished
Adding hosts into the zones


  1. Steve Pantol

    As the only entrant, we’re pleased to inform you that you’ve won. The book is due out near the end of March–we’ll be in touch to get shipping info and whatnot.

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