Xfinity Stream – Roku

I was trying to get a Roku working with my xfinity service. The app is in beta.

The list of supported devices is in this article:

It listed the Roku Ultra 4660 as a supported device. However, Roku no longer makes the 4660, it’s been replaced with the 4661. I was hesitant to try something off the supported list, even though the 4661 is basically the same hardware as the 4660 and they throw in a pair of headphones. The Ultra 4661 works just fine.

I ran into another issue – I’m in the middle of a move and I had 2 xfinity accounts linked to a single username, one at my old property and one at my new property. I only kept internet service, not TV service at the old property.  The xfinity authorization link at isn’t smart enough to understand multiple accounts, unless both accounts have TV service. I had to have xfinity customer service unlink the accounts, then the Roku worked.

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