Ubiquiti – Home Lab & WiFi

I wanted to put up a quick post on my Ubiquiti environment at home.

At the edge I have a UniFi Security Gateway 4P. I have 2 24 port POE-250W switches, one serving the homelab and one serving Production WiFi.

I had a difficult time getting ethernet run into the basement, so I ran only a single CAT-6 cable. This feeds a UniFi 8-port POE-60W switch. The switch powers one AP-AC-Pro for basement WiFi, then I have the kids game consoles and Roku boxes directly connected to the 8-port. I used the U-PRO-MP kit to hang the AP-AC-Pro in the basement. We have a drop ceiling and I didn’t want to cut holes in the tiles. The Pro mounting kit has two connectors that work great for mounting it to the metal support rails for the drop ceiling.

On the main floor I have an AP-AC-Pro serving my home office. I have 2 mesh units on the main floor – one is an AP-AC-Mesh in the Sunroom, on the complete opposite side of the house and nearly impossible to get a cable run over there. It’s connected wirelessly to another access point and works just fine – it’s obviously not as fast as the other access points, but it does the job. I have another mesh unit, an AC-MESH-PRO, in the living room. It’s directly wired and is just serving as an access point at the moment. I intend to add another mesh unit outdoors eventually to extend some solid WiFI signal out there, but I don’t have it working at the moment.

Upstairs I have 3 AP-AC-Pro units, each with their own CAT-6 home run to the switch. One serves the master bedroom, one is in the main hallway serving the other bedrooms, and the last one is in the loft. For ethernet runs I had a local company install 3.5″ round electric boxes in the ceiling, then I had them run electric conduit from my office on the first floor all the way up to the attic. Then it was just a matter of fishing 3 CAT-6 runs. I used the Pro mounting kit to easily attach the AP-AC-Pros to the electric boxes.

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