VMC on AWS 2-node scale-up

Last week, we released the ability to scale-up your 1-node SDDC to a 2-node SDDC with witness.

1-node SDDCs have no redundancy and are auto-deleted after 30 days. However, they are frequently used for POCs and testing as they are the most inexpensive way to get an SDDC.

One way to migrate your 1-node SDDC settings to a new 1-node SDDC is to use the SDDC Import/Export for VMC Fling. This helps keep cost down and is great for test labs or our VCDR integration. However, sometimes you just need to extend a pilot for a little bit longer. Or, you need to roll a pilot into Production.

Previously the only option was to scale the cluster up to a 3-node. But the April 30th, 2021 release notes announce the availability of the less expensive 2-node scale-up option, resulting in an SDDC with redundancy and an SLA.

The scale-up process is simple. Your 1-node SDDC will have a banner at the top with a Scale Up button

You will then be presented with a screen to select whether you want to scale up by 1 node to create a 2-node cluster, or scale up by 2 nodes to create a 3-node cluster

While the SDDC scales, you will see a blue banner notifying you that the scale-up process is in progress.

Once the scale up completes, you will see your 2-node SDDC with a witness. Note the hardware type of the witness node – it’s an EC2 m5.xlarge native AWS instance.

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