VMworld 2021 Session Recommendations

I’ve been primarily a sysadmin my whole career. I’ve been on a skills modernization journey over the past 18 months, extending my existing sysadmin skills to include automation and networking. Chances are if you follow me on social media, your interests are similar.

I am delivering 4 sessions for you to consider – 2 VMworld and 2 {Code} Connect. Where better than to self-promote than on your own blog?

Skills Modernization for the VI Admin – Redux [APP1349]
This is a Tech+ Session.

Building on my skills modernization VMworld 2020 session, this is a demo of how I expanded my skills using the VEBA project. This session is designed to be 15 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A. I will show how I am using Kubernetes and Knative to write event-driven PowerCLI functions. Learn a bit about VEBA, Kubernetes, and Knative, and discover how you can expand your skillset beyond the traditional sysadmin.

Tales from the Trenches – Real-World VMware Cloud on AWS Migrations [CODE2742]
This session is open to anyone.

In this session, my colleague Steve Barron and I present two Flings: SDDC Import/Export for VMC on AWS and PyVMC.
We will demonstrate real-world use cases for the Flings, showcasing ways our customers have leveraged them in their migrations to VMware Cloud on AWS.

The Cross-Platform SRE – No OS Left Behind! [CODE2796]
This session is open to anyone.

In this session, my colleague Michael Fleisher and I demonstrate potential career progression from sysadmin – the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). I’m a Windows person, and Michael is all Mac. We will show you how to get your laptops ready to start learning the #1 skill any SRE needs – how to interact with APIs.

VMware Cloud on AWS Guided Workshop [GWS-HOL-2284-01-HBD]
These are Tech+ Sessions.

I will be delivering some of these sessions – free hands-on labs with a VMware expert to guide you. This HOL gives you an introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS. Drop in if you want to see the fastest way to get your on-prem VMs into the cloud.

For my final suggestion, I’m steering you toward the world of networking – I am not delivering this one.

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) – Getting Started [GWS-HOL-2237-01-NET]
This is a Tech+ Session

I just started learning Avi and blogging about it. If you’re looking to expand beyond sysadmin knowledge, you might want to take this guided workshop. Every enterprise application is load balanced – understanding how load balancing works is critical. This workshop starts you off learning how to use the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly known as Avi).

Enjoy VMworld 2021!

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