YouTube videos won’t load on an iPad

My son came to me complaining that his YouTube videos wouldn’t load on his iPad – a P0 all-hands-on-deck situation in his mind. To be specific, ads did load, but the videos did not, we got a spinning circle. This made it all the more curious. I did the usual troubleshooting, internet working fine, Safari works, other apps on his iPad are fine. Hard reboot, nothing. Uninstall and reinstall the app, nothing. Log out of his Google account in the YouTube app, nothing. Factory reset network settings, nothing. Google search for various tips and tricks, nothing.

I was about to try the factory reset of the entire device when I suddenly noticed that his system date was set 2 months into the future. Why? Because “I was using it to activate a glitch in Among Us, Dad!” Reset the date, problem solved.

Hopefully this post saves somebody else a headache.

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