VCAP6-DCV Design exam 3V0-622 – Rescore

Update December 6, 2016

The rescore process is complete, all results have been posted to Cert Manager.

Update December 5, 2016

The batch processing at Pearson continues to fail. The certification team is manually updating all score results. This will take a considerable amount of time, but they are making good progress. The hope is to have all rescore results posted by the end of the day Pacific time on December 6th.

Original Post November 30, 2016

Exam takers who failed the 3V0-622 received a notice from Pearson that the exam was under review and might be rescored. The date in this email was that a rescore was expected by November 20th.  We are obviously well beyond that date and people are still anxiously awaiting results of the rescore. I am among those waiting for news.

I have volunteered some of my time with the certification team as a SME to help develop exam content (not for 3V0-622). It’s given me insight into just how extraordinarily time consuming it is to create a legally defensible certification exam. No portion of the process is simple. It’s quite similar to putting code into production – even the slightest change means you have to run your entire battery of testing before promoting code.  Any hiccup means re-running your tests from the beginning.

I have spoken internally with the Certification team at VMware regarding the staus of 3V0-622. They are doing everything they can to get the rescores out. However, you cannot magically make the processes work faster – the whole process from end-to-end takes 3-4 days. QA processes take the amount of time they take and cannot be rushed or skipped. Pearson has encountered a number of technical difficulties with the exam drivers and have had to run the process multiple times. Progress was further impeded by various resources being unavailable due to the Thanksgiving holiday last week.

At this point we are hoping for exam results to be available online on Friday December 2nd.



    1. pkremer

      You receive beta exam score reports in the postal mail, I’m assuming this will be the same. I’ve asked the question internally and will reply when I get an answer.

  1. Smith

    Real nice of you to publish this information in an obscure blog. What about those of us who assumed on Nov 20th that the rescoring had occured and they still had failed, and then paid several hundred dollars for a new attempt?
    How hard can it be to keep us updated by email? After all, you gouys sent us the rescoring email in the first place, so an update shoudn’t be to hard to send out…

    1. pkremer

      Hello – yes, communication needs to be improved, your feedback is 100% spot-on.

      If you passed the retake, or end up passing the original exam, VMware will ensure that you are made whole. A communication will go out with details once this process is complete.

  2. Tommy

    Thanks for posting the information.

    From my point of view people are upset as VMware shows no respect at all.
    Instead of people checking the cert manager on 20 Nov every 15 mins, VMware could have sent an email to us to advise the result will be delay again.

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