SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWS – Part I – Introduction

The SDDC Import/Export Tool for VMware Cloud on AWS is an open source Python project. Nico Vibert and I are the primary developers, with help from Shashi Ranjan and Will Rodbard.

The SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWS tool enables save and restore of a VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) configuration.

A few reasons why you might want to use the tool:

  • Migrating your SDDC from an i3 to i3en host type
  • Migrating your SDDC to a different region
  • Backing up your SDDC configuration
  • Deploying an SDDC with a pre-populated configuration
  • Disaster Recovery – deploying a pre-populated configuration as part of a SRM or VCDR job
  • 1-node backup/restore – Many partners and even internal VMware folks use 1-nodes for development and testing. However, the 1-node configurations have no redundancy and are force-deleted after 30 days. Using the tool gives people an easy way to restore their configuration to a new SDDC.

The instructions on the Flings site are designed to be a quick start guide. For a more comprehensive set of instructions with screenshots, read this blog series. The public Github repo is here.

Download the zip file from the Flings site, extract it to a folder on your machine.

You must have Python 3.4 or newer to run this Fling. You can find installation instructions at

To start using the Fling, move on to Part II.

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