VEBA mascot - Otto the Orca

This is a blog series on the VMware Event Broker Appliance. The VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) enables customers to easily create event-driven automation based on vCenter Server Events. A major component under the hood of this fling is OpenFaaS.

This series is written from the perspective of a system administrator. In the course of developing this series, I have picked up many new skills. I even managed to do my first (and many more since) Open Source contributions – committing changes to the VEBA repository!

Part I – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Deployment

Part Ia – AWS EventBridge Deployment

Part II – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Sample Code Prereqs

Part III – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Tags and Clones

Part IV – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Deploying the First Sample Function

Part V – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Contributing to the VEBA Project

Part VI – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Syncing Your Fork

Part VII – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Deploy the Sample Host Maintenance Function

Part VIII – VMware Event Broker Appliance – Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Part IX – Deploying the Datastore Sample Email Script in VMC

Part X – Building the Appliance OVA from source code

Part XI – Changing options in the OVA installer

Part XII – Advanced Function Troubleshooting

Part XIII – Deploying Go Functions


2020-10-01 – Added Part XIII

2020-09-09 – Added Part XII

2020-07-12 – Added Part XI

2020-05-18 – Added Part X

2020-03-08 – Added Part IX

2020-03-07 – Updated Part I and posted Part Ia for EventBridge setup for the VEBA 0.3 release. Updated Part IV, Part VII, and Part VIII with new screenshots for the VEBA 0.3 release.

2020-03-04 – Updated Part I with new screenshots from the VEBA 0.3 release.

2020-01-23 – Updated Part I with new screenshots from the VEBA 0.2 release.